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Streamline your event management with crowd-sourced staffing

Revolutionizing event staffing for casino party companies, event planners, and staffing businesses.

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The Ultimate Event Staffing Tool

Pitboss is a cutting-edge SaaS platform designed to revolutionize event management and staff coordination for casino party companies, event planners, and staffing businesses.

Our comprehensive solution streamlines the entire process, from event creation to staff assignments, inventory management, and staff payments.

With an intuitive interface and powerful features, Pitboss ensures seamless event execution and maximizes productivity for your business

Save time

A seamless end-to-end solution that saves time and effort, reducing operational costs.


Real-time staff notifications and automatic reminders to boost attendance rates.

Inventory tracking

Cutting-edge inventory tracking to prevent shortages and ensure event success.

User friendly

User-friendly organization settings that facilitate faster event creation.

What are you waiting for?

No more headaches


Pitboss empowers your business with a centralized platform, simplifying event management, and staff coordination

Increase production

Experience increased productivity, reduced administrative burden, and enhanced client satisfaction as events run seamlessly.

Leave lasting impression

Delight in the freedom to focus on creativity and client experiences, while Pitboss takes care of the logistics, ensuring your events stand out and leave a lasting impression.

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